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Rapid NFT deployment

NFT Laucher is a value-added service (a web browser tool) on ML SEED that automatically generate and deploy NFT smart contracts, store NFT data into IPFS, and enable users to easily mint and transfer ERC721 or ERC1155 NFT tokens in single and batch mode on Ethereum compatible blockchains. The tool has made the heavy lifting to simplify the NFT workflow for users.

Problem Statement

With the rise of digital art and collectibles, it has become increasingly difficult to verify the authenticity and ownership of these items. This lack of trust and transparency can lead to issues with fraud and counterfeit items, which can harm both the reputation and financial well-being of collectors and artists alike.

There is a need for a solution that can provide a secure and verifiable way to track ownership and provenance of digital assets.


NFTs creates a unique, verifiable, and transferable digital asset that is stored on a blockchain.

Each NFT represents a specific asset, and its ownership and transaction history can be tracked and verified on the blockchain. This makes it possible to prove ownership, authenticity, and scarcity of a digital asset, which can increase its value and marketability.

Use Case Study:


Innovating sleep technology R&D and a
real-world utility in the Sleep Future ecosystem.

Project Background

Sleep Future is the world’s first blockchain-driven sleep wellness ecosystem to improve the sleep quality and health of the global community.

Sleep Future introduces the world’s first Sleep-To-Earn mechanism to reward the world-wide community to sleep and earn $SLEEPEE tokens with the dual objective of innovating sleep technology R&D and a real-world utility in the Sleep Future ecosystem.

Sleep deprivation or lack of quality sleep seems to be quite common in busy urban settings, where lifestyles can be quite hectic. Sleep health is increasingly becoming a concern because it has explicit impacts on our mental and physical health. Sleeping is no doubt one of the most important activities we do on a daily basis – it repairs, rejuvenates and refreshes us for what life brings the following day.

Using health tracking technologies from leading brands such as Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, and others to incorporate with IoT to accurately track and reward users for the quality and quantity of their sleep. This could be achieved through wearable devices or smartphone sensors, which would provide a more comprehensive and accurate picture of the user’s sleep patterns.

Morpheus Labs x SleepFuture

Morpheus Labs is thus proud to announce the on-boarding of SleepFuture. SleepFuture is the world’s first blockchain-driven sleep wellness ecosystem that aims to improve their community’s sleep quality and health through data analysis and recommendations.

The partnership between Morpheus Labs and SleepFuture will be split into 3 different phases.

  • Phase 1 will be focused on IDO token issuance for SleepFuture’s $SLEEPEE token.
  • Phase 2 will be the integration of crypto payment / NFT infrastructure into SleepFuture eCommerce site.
  • Phase 3 would be the development of their GameFi application to track data on sleeping patterns and reward $SLEEPEE tokens to their participants.

Token Issuance

SleepFuture will be utilising Morpheus Labs SEED Token Launcher software to hasten the development and ensure the smooth launch of their $SLEPPEE Initial Dex Offering (IDO) token under the Ethereum blockchain, as part of their Phase one (1) initiatives. ERC20/ BEP20 tokens have been issued on ethereum network and Binance Smart Chain respectively. 

Some of the tools used during the development project includes; Web3 Low-code development tool that allows developers to kick-start projects immediately and allow faster Web3 transformation by providing ready-to-go components and boilerplate scripts to reduce redundancy coding. CDE (collaborative development environment) feature provides a collaborative environment for web3 developers to come together and work on integration projects. We envision this space as a hub for sharing ideas, discussing best practices, and tackling challenges as a community.

Digital Asset Ownership

NFTs can be used to represent ownership of digital assets, such as artwork, music, and collectibles.

This can enable businesses to monetize their digital assets in a new and innovative way, by allowing customers to purchase and own unique digital items that have value.

Increased Revenue Streams

Companies can use NFTs to create new revenue streams by offering unique, limited-edition digital assets, such as artwork, music, videos, and other digital content.

NFTs enable creators and businesses to monetize their digital creations, as these unique assets can be sold in marketplaces and auctions, generating profits for the creators.

Enhanced Branding and Customer Engagement

NFTs can also be used to create branded digital assets that can increase brand recognition and customer engagement.

Companies can create NFTs that represent their brand, products, or services, and use them as a marketing tool to engage with their customers.

NFTs can create a more immersive and personalized experience for customers, strengthening their connection to the brand.

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