The Launchpad is a unique, collaborative service-offering co-launched by Morpheus Labs and HUAWEI CLOUD Singapore, to provide blockchain and business solutions to enterprises and businesses.

Under this arrangement, blockchain projects which subscribe to HUAWEI CLOUD through Morpheus Labs will enjoy tiered, complimentary, marketing initiatives when they achieve the prescribed levels of HUAWEI CLOUD usage.  The more disk space our Launchpad customers consume, the more they can qualify for additional complimentary and valuable marketing campaigns.


Enter Into a World of Hypoconnectivity

How Launchpad Can Help Your Project

Whichever stage your project is in, there is a right Launchpad for you

Launchpad Lite

Light usage
Suitable for new projects which are establishing their testnets
10 - 20 nodes

Launchpad Full

Moderate usage
Suitable for projects which are ready to launch their mainnets
20 nodes and above

How does it help Blockchain projects and Enterprises

How Launchpad Can Help Your Project