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New Age Goldmine – Education Sectors are Like Tools During The Goldrush

This article is written from the perspective that the reader has some basic knowledge of Blockchain. If you have absolutely no clue what is Blockchain, we suggest you read the following article for a quick crash course.

You may have heard of Bitcoin / cryptocurrency on the news more frequently now. Thanks to Bitcoin, blockchain technology has gotten traction and adoption is on the rise. So, what has the educational sector globally have to do with it? And why is it being aggressively promoted?

Blockchain can bring a slew of benefits to companies in benefitting sectors today. When implemented optimally, it can reduce cost, increase efficiency and save time for companies that have a use for it.

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There is a slight issue though, no one is sure of anything. As the famous saying goes “No one actually knows anything”. Currently, there is no clear legal frameworks, countries are divided on how to handle cryptocurrency, blockchain technology seems too technical in the eyes of the general public and the number of talented developers are limited in number globally.

The global education system alone itself is worth trillions globally (before the pandemic). Blockchain talents are drastically required and demand for these courses are on the rise. With potential millions, if not billions waiting in the bag for those institutions, Educational Institutions will not want to miss out on this opportunity.

With blockchain emphasizing on decentralized network, there is no boundary or limit where these educational institutions can reach out to. Effectively anywhere in the globe where there is internet access, is their playground.

Education in Blockchain is and will be the next Big thingMark this down, education has been and will be for a long time to come, a huge market. With the meteoric rise of Blockchain, sentiment is rising and adoption is growing among mainstream industries.

Why will it be? Here are some of the reasons why blockchain is gaining traction:

  • Major sectors are moving towards blockchain. Entire supply chains, aviation, financial sectors are seeing benefits from blockchain
  • Major global thought-leaders like Amazon, Ikea, Walmart, Huawei are adopting and leading the charge in blockchain adoptions
  • Banking sectors and wealth management funds are already into blockchain and harnessing on the benefits it provides
  • More developed Countries are looking at ways to welcome blockchain and integrating them into the benefit of the country

Why Education then?With blockchain solutions demand rising, there is a rise in service providers, blockchain companies, looking to plug the gap and meet the ever rising demands. With strong backing by many governments, led by industry thought-leaders and adopted by many critical sectors, these are good indicators that blockchain technology is here to stay – long term.

This will lead to a shortage of supply of talents. Kindly bear in mind that this technology is only around 10 years old and is still in its infancy stage. Majority of the world’s population have no idea what blockchain is just 3 years back. With a severe lack of talents, demand for skilled talents is now seeing a spike never seen before.

Like how blockchain companies plug the gap for blockchain solutions, universities and specialize institutions will plug the gap by offering courses to aspiring blockchain enthusiasts.

An increase in talent demand in an industry that pays relatively well, coupled with long term industry outlook, the demand for certified blockchain courses will swell in coming years. Many of these universities and institutions are looking to establish themselves as the go-to place for blockchain certification and education.

Conclusion – New-age goldmine supply

Remember the era of the Gold Rush? While miners rushed in hopes of striking it big, the real winners were actually those who supplied the tools. This can be said for education sector in the blockchain industry – though not exactly the same.

Think of it as providing the supply of talented blockchain talents the world requires. Talents that would one day improve the world through their developments in a groundbreaking technology.

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