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MOU announcement - Avadore x Morpheus Labs

Morpheus Labs is proud to announce that we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with an upcoming blockchain metaverse project in the dating industry, among the first of its kind in the entire industry. This MoU will see Morpheus Labs potentially develop multiple complicated blockchain metaverse solutions utilizing our core services/products:

  • Rapid Sandbox solution via the the ML SEED application 
  • Token Genesis 
  • Smart Contract and Auditing 

Besides token genesis (Smart Contract & Auditing), the potential metaverse portion of the project will require unique conceptualization, prototype and development that will be complicated in nature that not many blockchain companies are able to provide. 

Avadore project is among the first date-to-earn (Date to Earn) project in the blockchain metaverse realm, (if not the first) of its kind in the dating social sphere. While fulfilling the very core needs of the users, it incorporates beyond what the current industry has to offer for all its associated stakeholders. The Avadore unique proposition as stated in the whitepaper and during the MoU due diligence process; breathes in new perspective and experience in the dating and social sphere. 

Many would have known about online dating but it usually stops once a match is found. Avadore‚Äôs mantra and concept allow all stakeholders (from users to vendors to partners) to move beyond this stage, creating and allowing for a whole new ecosystem to emerge, thus leveraging on this opportunity without diluting the fun factors in dating. Furthermore, the team behind this project is uniquely diverse and experienced in the blockchain industry. This allows for a higher degree of transparency and confidence of the project in its entirety. 

The MoU between Avadore and Morpheus Labs is a good synchronization of needs vs requirements where the marriage of conceptualization to actual product. 

This is a testament to Morpheus Labs’ growth of being an upcoming brand leader in the realm. We are one of the first few projects in the blockchain industry that has real world utility with live customers – throughout the entire sphere. We are honored and proud that we continue to keep our competitive edge; to continuously attract top projects & partners with actual service / product utility such as: TwoMonkey, Cypherium, GEEQ, NewsCrypto, SleepFuture and now, Avadore.

You can read more about Avadore and its whitepaper on their website at 

For more information, kindly visit Morpheus Labs website, follow our social mediums. Kindly contact us at

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