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Morpheus SEED, or Solution Environment for Enterprise Development, is a leading B2B blockchain-as-a-service platform that integrates advanced, ready-to-use Web3 solution templates within an online collaborative development environment.The all-in-one blockchain-as-a-service streamlines the development of dApps and blockchain infrastructure for Web3 transformation. Developed by the founders of Morpheus Labs, it has earned accolades for its excellence, securing awards in global competitions such as Alibaba’s JumpStarter, Huawei Spark, and Slingshot (2020).

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(Collaborative Development Environment)

A collaborative environment that enables multiple individuals or teams to work together on a project. This help streamlines the development process, increase the efficiency of web3 development, and allows external developers to contribute from any part of the world.

Web3 APIs and SDKs

By providing a set of tools that developers can use to build their decentralized applications (dApps). This increased interoperability as it provides developers with the ability to easily integrate their dApps with other blockchain networks and protocols and also faster time to market.

RPC Node Infrastructure

RPC Node Infrastructure aggregates multiple partner RPC endpoints, ensuring major scalability, no downtime, and higher speeds by distributing load across a wide network. This optimises resource utilisation and response times

Web3 Application Marketplace

Pre-built web3 marketplace that allows users to buy and sell products within the blockchain environment. This allows businesses to monetize their intangible assets and increase engagement within their community.

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