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Morpheus Labs has been working with partners to onboard blockchain based industrial solutions onto the ML SEED platform.

ML SEED provides tools, templates and framework to rapidly customize, test and rollout the solutions to cater for specific business needs.

Working with Proximax who has successfully implemented a cross-industry Reward Loyalty Point system, Morpheus Labs is extending this solution to Enterprise customers.

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Problem Statement

Traditional (Web2) loyalty programs rely on centralized entities to manage and operate the program, leading to issues with data privacy and security, lack of transparency, and limited flexibility in terms of reward offerings.

Furthermore, customers may not always trust the centralized authority to handle their data and reward points fairly.


A Web3 loyalty program can address these issues by leveraging decentralized blockchain technology to create a transparent and secure loyalty program that provides customers with greater control over their rewards and data.

By using smart contracts to automate the reward distribution process and allowing customers to manage their reward points on a public ledger, a Web3 loyalty program can increase transparency, security, and trust among customers.

Improved customer engagement and loyalty

It offer a more personalized and engaging experience for customers. Businesses can create loyalty programs that offer unique rewards, such as tokens or digital assets that customers can use in a variety of ways.

These rewards can help businesses increase customer retention and engagement, as customers feel more connected to the brand and have an incentive to continue engaging with it.

Increased customer data security

It provide a more secure way to manage customer data. Unlike traditional loyalty programs that require customers to provide personal information, Web3 loyalty programs store customer data in a secure and decentralized way.

This means that customers have control over their data and can choose to share it with businesses on their terms, leading to greater trust and transparency.

Encourage coalition program

It can also help organizations reduce their costs and generate additional revenue streams.

By pooling resources and collaborating with other brands, businesses can offer more valuable rewards and incentives to customers without incurring additional expenses.

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