Solutioning and Business Development Manager/Director

Posted 2 years ago

The roles of the Business Development and Solutioning Manager are that those concerned with supporting client projects sales and management, as well as Morpheus Labs’ SEED platform services sales, specifically to ensure solution developed meets client’s requirement, SEED platforms provide features that meet evolving customers’ needs, generates sales leads, and achieving given sales target.


The roles and responsibilities for this role shall include the following:


A. Solutioning and Product Development Support

(a) Supporting the Project Management Team to research and identify customer requirements, 


– Help with the analysis and evaluation of the project’s solution architecture, including conducting research to understand the technology environment and customer products, and to identify customer needs and where the Company can add the best value 

– Prepare or assist in the production of technical proposals for clients, including any costing involved

– Help with blockchain protocol integration and solution onboarding where needed

(b). Assisting in the analysis of any new market potential and emerging competition 

(c). Responsible for the sales and promotion of Morpheus Labs’ SEED platform services to target customer

(d). Supporting Product Development team in new product launches, promotion, and sales lead where possible by leveraging on existing network

(e). Assessing and conducting a study into users’ needs in order to collaborate with Product Development Team to improve product offering and to develop desired key features to help subscription growth

(f) Participating in trade fairs, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, or any events relevant to the Company’s businesses, in order to generate sales leads, or to promote the product and services of the Company, specifically Morpheus Labs’ SEED platform services /Rapid sandbox

(g) Responsible for preparing, updating, and continuous improvement of all tech-related materials that may cover strategy, promotions, and use-case documentation, this shall include presentation deck, videos, brochures, website content, etc. Collaborate with the Company’s Designer to produce all these where necessary


B. Business Development

(a). Generating new business opportunities and leads to build pipeline with potential customers by leveraging on an existing network, this shall include arranging and attending meetings, calls, and demos

(b). Developing and strategizing go-to-market and business development plans to achieve given sales target

(c). Preparing sales agreements for all deals and ensuring they are prepared in accordance to Company procedures and guidelines (d) Responsible for Customers/Account management, act as the point of contact for both the service delivery team (product side or marketing) and the customers, ensuring both sides are kept fully informed of any issues arising and the progress of the work

(d). Maintaining long term relationships and following up with existing customers regularly to ensure requirements are being met and identify new opportunities

(e). Providing useful and comprehensive feedback and after-sales support so as to improve the business development process moving forward

(f) Collaborating with the Marketing team in quality lead generations and qualify leads

(g) Any other duties or projects, as assigned by the CEO



  • Sound knowledge of Blockchain and web 3.0
  • Experience in solution design and implementation
  • Strategic planning and project management experience is preferred
  • Basic understanding of Solidity, Java, python, cloud computing would be an advantage
  • A team player and leadership quality is a must



  • A sense of aesthetics and a love for great copy and witty communication
  • A creative, bubbly and self driven team player who enjoys team sports & activities (game, movie, drink, food etc)
  • Love challenges, team collaboration and is willing to take up a leadership role

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