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Creative Campaign – Unleash your creativity now. Share a prize pool worth more than USDT $20,000

Campaign Background

Are you a creative person? Do you have a flair for design, writing or research? This is one of the largest giveaways that Morpheus Labs has undertaken. We would like to thank the community for sticking with us throughout the years and this is one of the many methods we plan to give back. 

Objective of Campaign 

  • Find hidden talents – some of you might discover talents you never knew existed within you.
  • A way of saying thank you to our community, the blockchain ecosystem and beyond.
  • Increase awareness of the Morpheus Labs brand. Reaching out to new markets and segments. 

Find out more and participate

Click on this link to view full details:

Video trailer for Reference

1I saw that for the launchpad – there are quite a few customers/projects. Can you share what Morpheus Labs looks for in a project before on-boarding them?Pei-Han
2Can you tell us more on how Morpheus Labs solutions apply to the real world business, enterprise or educational needs?Dorel
3What new additions to the services offered would you like to add in the future? The launchpad seems to be a good move. Will we see more of it or do you all see the launchpad propelling Morpheus Labs forward? Pei-Han
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