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ANT Group Digital Technologies x Morpheus Labs

Singapore, Morpheus Labs and Ant Group Digital Technologies announced that they signed an MOU to bring customers more blockchain-powered services and solutions, with the opportunity to raise the awareness of their offerings and growing the customer base.

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Krenovator x Morpheus Labs

Morpheus Labs is proud to announce our latest partnership with a technology-focused talent platform; Krenovator. This partnership will build up our Developer community & adoption drive of the Morpheus SEED.

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ML Staking is Back

Morpheus Labs staking is back! The staking will be on the polygon (matic) network. Kindly download the staking brochure to learn more about Morpheus Labs staking. Details are as follows:APY: 20%Duration: 3 Months

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Internal AMA on 4th October 2022

Hello community, thank you for joining #MorpheusLabs long-awaited second AMA session of 2022! If you’ve joined us in our previous community AMA, welcome back to another edition of AMA; in which our core team will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Morpheus Labs.

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CyberQuote x Morpheus Labs

CyberQuote x S2BConnected will be conducting a live webinar on Blockchain 101 course. Morpheus Labs core product, MLSeed, will be introduced during the course. MLSEED has been recognised as one of the more recognised Blockchain-platform-as-a-service (Bpass) products in the market. This event will be conducted online via zoom. The course will be useful for people who want to learn more about blockchain and its wider impact in our lives.

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