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Careers in Blockchain – Future or Fad

The world is in lock-down, the usage of technology among people and companies globally is on the up-trend, markets are tanking yet certain industries are up and coming.

This is probably what you would have heard or read recently unless you have been out of touch. Retrenchment and redundancy of jobs are becoming a norm. However, the blockchain industry sector as a whole is seeing a demand for qualified and interested talents while most industries are not.

Truth to be told, exploring this industry as a long-term career is not on many people’s mind and it is not a mystery. People simply have not heard of this to even think of it as a career or have little faith and are full of questions that “scares” them off. In this article, we look at some of the more common factors this industry has garnered so that you can make a more well-informed decision if this career path is the one for you.

Fear of unknown

There is a perceived notion that blockchain too difficult or complex to understand and we don’t blame them. Blockchain is both simple to grasp yet complex enough to turn people off. Like any other industry and interest, if one has a passion or genuine interest to learn, it is not as difficult as it seems. As this is not an article on what is blockchain, we would not dwell on it. However once you have overcome this psychological hurdle, you may actually find meaning in this industry just like any others.

Lack of sector awareness

This industry is not new but relatively thrust onto the spotlight mainly because of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Many people simply do not even know that one can carve out a career in this industry. Just like Artificial Intelligence (A.I), self-driving cars, rise of gig-economy like Uber, Lyft, Deliveroo, etc. Some of these industries’ ideas existed for decades but only became a reality only around a decade ago. These companies and industries today are worth billions and support thousands of jobs and support millions of people globally. Blockchain is one of those and believe it or not, we are using blockchain more than we realised, thanks to major corporations adapting the blockchain technology, like how Morpheus Labs have been doing so for the past year.

“20 years back when the public internet was at its infancy, people were warned not to talk to strangers on the internet, let alone getting into a confined space like a vehicle or accepting things like food or gifts from strangers.

Today, we are literally talking to strangers on the internet to get into their vehicles, stay in their properties or accepting items like food or items from them (strangers).”


Negative connotation

When the industry was in the burst into the  spotlight because of the crypto boom, there were many scammers, people who simply took advantage of the community and this has caused a stigma in the industry. From crypto pump-dump schemes, susceptible to hacks, unsafe technology to the ever notorious ICO scam like Onecoin. Though this cryptocurrency does not equate to blockchain, they will forever be intricately linked. These kinds of negative examples have caused much skepticism among the general public.

Considered early-adopters as early opportunists

One unique thing about this industry is – this technology is relatively a decade old, the idea has been floated for over 30 years, yet if you enter this industry today, November 2020, 12 years after it is conceptualised, you will still be considered an “early-adopter”. Think about it, how many industries can afford the luxury of time without the constant worry about being out-dated by “newer technology”? In fact, blockchain technology is driving the future and making other technologies, ideas a reality. The sweet part of being an early (not too early though) player? The choices are there and there will always be opportunities in the blockchain industries – from start-ups to established companies adopting the technology. They are constantly looking for qualified and self-motivated individuals.

Just like any other industry

At the end of the day, the majority of this industry is just like any others. Some major roles you can look forward to, in this industry are roles such as; content writers, marketers, branding, administrators, etc. The list goes on. Like any other business, the basics are there and blockchain is no exception. You need awareness and adaptation for the business to grow and prosper. These roles are ultimately, just like any other jobs that the other industries out there require.

A stepping stone

Joining this industry as a career has also a slew of positive prospects. You get to see, experience and feel how blockchain plays an integral part of many other industries and corporations, how they impact our everyday lives. It expands your vision and widens your knowledge to things and areas that you previously never knew existed. You may even find ideas, implement in your corporation or start your own business venture with blockchain technology. Opportunities that not many others know, giving you exclusive head-start. Morpheus labs is one of the only few companies globally to offer start-ups and corporations looking to integrate or take advantage of the various blockchain technology for their use with relative ease.

These factors are just some factors to consider when you are looking or researching if joining this industry is a right choice for you. Whether it is a future or a fad, you would need to look at the industry from many angles and standpoint of view. Simply put, almost everything is a fad, what you see today will be a memory of yesteryears in time to come.

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