Product Overview

Our BPaaS is based on our mission to provide efficient connectivity among all networks and resources. It provides an easy access and mission critical tools that enables developers to develop, test and manage blockchain applications using different Blockchain Protocols within an efficient timeframe to achieve cost efficiency and a fail-safe environment.

Save 60% in time

Select a blockchain and develop in your preferred language in just a few minutes, using 25+ Ready-To-Go stacks.

Save 70% in cost

Get a blockchain
application from our App library and
revolutionize your company.


Offering full stack services such
as storage, blockchain, CDE,
Github, App library (and more)
on a single platform.


Application Library

Morpheus Labs BPaaS

Download the DApp codes from our Application Library to your Repository easily.

Build on code that has been thoroughly tested by others to suit your specific needs.

Developers can upload and share their DApps onto the Application Library and get rewarded for their contributions with our digital tokens MITx.

Unified Dashboard

Work on just one dashboard

Create workspaces with imported code downloaded through Application Library or imported from Git repositories.

Link your workspaces directly to blockchains from blockchainOps, or external blockchain networks.

Cloud IDE based on the modern Eclipse and VS Code in a collaborative development environment.

Blockchain Operations

Manage different blockchain protocols easily.

Multiple blockchains give you fallback options should one blockchain not satisfy your business needs.

Developers can easily integrate essential blockchain network information with their code on workspace.

Efficient Teamwork


Boost teamwork and collaborations – Tackle coding tasks together on the cloud development environment.

Our Competitive Advantages

Cost & Time Efficient

Save up to 70% in operating costs in a fraction of the time.

Robust & Scalable

We offer an integrated platform with mission-critical tools to assist your tech team in building a Proof of Concept or dApps rapidly for effective development.


We onboard renowned Blockchain Partners and consistently update our platform with the latest technology.

Turn-Key Solutions

Save time in development and test with CDE and 25+ ready to go stacks.


Multiple ready to use applications in our curated App Library.


01.What is Morpheus Labs BPaaS?

It is a platform that onboards blockchain-based solutions through the partner-driven model. Our aim is to build and onboard a variety of nodes to create a comprehensive ecosystem that enables organisations and developers to rapidly design, deploy and operate distributed ledgers at a fraction of the current cost and time.

02.How many languages are supported?

The platform supports 7 programming languages such as Python, Node.js, Java, PHP, C++ and many more. Do drop us an email if you have specific requirements to fulfill.

03.Do you provide documentation?

Yes. Please check out the documentation at https://docs.morpheuslabs.io/

04.How much does it cost?

The prices are listed via the platform upon registration. Do leave us a message if you have other further inquiries.

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