ML Seed Platform

SEED is the acronym for Solution Environment for Enterprise Development.

ML SEED is an award-winning platform. It is the brainchild and firstborn of the Morpheus Labs founders.  It has a growing number of users and it is a valuable tool for blockchain developers looking to match the quality of their projects with high productivity.

MLSeed platform

What is the MLSeed platform?

SEED is the acronym for Solution Environment for Enterprise Development.  It is an award-winning platform and is the brainchild and firstborn of the Morpheus Labs founders.  It has a growing number of users and it is certainly a valuable tool for blockchain developers who want to match the quality of their projects with high productivity.

Features of Morpheus Labs SEED

CDE (collaborative development environment)

A collaborative environment that enables multiple individuals or teams to work together on a project. This help streamlines the development process, increase the efficiency of web3 development, and allows external developers to contribute from any part of the world.

Web3 Low-code development tool

Similar to WordPress (Web2), it allows developers to create, test, and deploy applications using a visual interface, rather than writing code manually. This feature can reduce the development time and resources required to launch new products or services.

Web3 Workflow Tool 

A set of tools for building and deploying dApps, a web3 workflow tool can help to ensure that the dApp is built following industry standards and best practices. Additionally, it allows managers to keep track of the progress of their development team and make any necessary adjustments to the project as needed.

Web3 API Generator

An API generator bridge communication between applications (E.g. embed application like Shopify and stripe onto your web3 projects). This reduces development time and developers can focus on solving the underlying issues.

Web3 APIs and SDKs

By providing a set of tools that developers can use to build their decentralized applications (dApps). This increased interoperability as it provides developers with the ability to easily integrate their dApps with other blockchain networks and protocols and also faster time to market.

Simulation, Testing, and Monitoring Tools

Providing an environment such as a virtual machine where applications and websites can be tested for leaks and vulnerabilities. Simulation and testing can help to reduce the risk of costly errors and defects in the final product. Such features are necessary to ensure that the final product meets the requirements and expectations of the stakeholders.

RPC Node Infrastructure

Providing a software communication protocol, which allows a program (the client), to communicate with a remote program (the server) hosted on a different network without needing details about the server's network. This feature ensures that a secure and reliable connection is distributed to the blockchain network.

Infrastructure Openness and Flexibility

As web3 is an exciting technology and it is only in its infancy stage, there are infinite possibilities to increase engagement levels, monetize activities, and communicate with different blockchains (cross-chain). Our platform permits such possibilities and does not neglect potential security threats and ensures that transactions are processed correctly.

Web3 Application Marketplace

Pre-built web3 marketplace that allows users to buy and sell products within the blockchain environment. This allows businesses to monetize their intangible assets and increase engagement within their community.

RPC Node Infrastructure

Infrastructure Openness and Flexibility

Web3 Application Marketplace

Problems & Solutions

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  • All Tools Are In Silo

    Resources to implement blockchain solutions are too scattered. Makes it difficult for the developers to get started

  • Tools Are Hard To Use

    Many Blockchain applications are confusing, time consuming and resource intensive

  • Lack Of Talent And Expertise

    lack expertise to reach out to partners and customers

  • All-In-One Convenience & Automation

    Plug and automate development

  • Ready To Use & Deploy

    Comprehensive suite of tools and readily available customisation

  • Easy Collaboration

    Team collaboration to crowd resources and other synergies