Trade MITx on Binance DEX

Swap MITx ERC20 to MITx BEP2 tokens

Trading will start on:

2nd Sep 2019, 12:00 GMT
  • You need to swap your MITx ERC20 tokens to MITx BEP2 tokens to trade MITx on Binance DEX.
  • By using the MITx Token bridge, you claim your own ERC20 deposit address to deposit the ERC20 tokens to be swapped.
  • All ERC20 tokens deposited to this address will be converted to BEP2 tokens and added to your BNB address provided by you in the bridge.

Steps to swap MITx ERC20 to BEP2:

  • Step 1: Access the bridge https://bridge.morpheuslabs.io or click “MITx Token Bridge” button below
  • Step 2: Provide your BNB address to receive BEP2 tokens
  • Step 3: Deposit your MITx ERC20 tokens to be swapped
  • Step 4: View the Transaction Summary

Repeat the steps above if you want to swap more MITx ERC20 tokens to MITx BEP2 tokens.

Read MITx Token Bridge user guide for more detailed instructions.

Important note: Do not send ERC20 tokens directly from exchanges and do not use any BNB address in exchanges to receive your BEP2 tokens.

MITx is available at the following exchanges

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