Leap into the Metaverse at fractional cost

Future proofing your metaverse solutions

ML SEED Sandbox for Metaverse provides tools, building blocks and solution templates to rapidly create and deploy smart contracts, crypto assets (utility tokens and NFT tokens),  web3 integration and  distributed storage required in a Metaverse platform. It also provides extended support in digital experiences (Gaming, Animation, AR), DeFi, scalable blockchain options and multi-cloud to enable users to play their way into the metaverse.

Customisation for Metaverse

Metaverse development, deployment and testing all on one platform so you can focus on user experience.

Accelerate Development Processes

Simplified development cuts back time and cost when building your Metaverse.

Simplified Testing of The Metaverse App

Achieve the best version of your Metaverse app using our safe end-to-end testing environment before release.

Preferred By Leading Blockchain Partners

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