2 Million FSN Campaign

7 november, 2019

Whether you are a developer, researcher, tester, early adopter, designer, content creator, product manager, translator, staker or anything else, we want you on our team.

The 2 Million FSN campaign supports a whole host of activities across various functions, including product design, article translation, programming competitions, offline meetups, hackathons, developer conferences, staking, app development and more.

Just joining the Fusion open-source community can earn you 2000 FSN (time-locked for 3 months)!

Additional FSN can be earned through referrals, with a 400 FSN (time-locked for 3 months) bonus if your referee registers for the campaign.

Earn up to 2400 FSN (time-locked for 3 months) when you register before November 6, 24:00, Shanghai time. Click on ”Pre-registration” button below and sign up now!

ICX Station

ICX Station

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